School Year Success Chiropractic Poster

School Year Success Chiropractic Poster

This 12" x 18" poster provides some helpful tips for the upcoming school year, focused on physical, emotional and environmental health. 

Also available in 18" x 24" and 24” x 36” (custom size option printed on demand, please allow an additional 2 business day processing time for your order). 

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Poster Text:

School Year Success

A successful school year is about more than studying hard and good grades. Help your child optimize their school year from all aspects with these helpful tips.


Get Adjusted – A growing nervous system that is balanced between the fight / flight state and the grow / develop state is essential for optimal health and determines how a body interacts with its environment. Regular chiropractic checkups and adjustments can help achieve this balance and optimize nervous system development.

Sleep – School aged children require 9 to 11 hours of restful sleep each night. Make sure their sleep environment is cool, quiet, dark and free from electromagnetic fields / Wi-Fi such as phones, computers and televisions. Establish consistent bedtime routines that are predictable and work for the entire family.

Posture & Ergonomics – Forward head posture, rolled shoulders and looking down constantly can change the curvature of growing spines which leads to painful symptoms and is a precursor to premature spinal degeneration. Young children should learn the importance of good posture and responsible use of technology from an early age.


Get Organized – Making a plan for achieving school related tasks and goals reduces anxiety and instantly creates positive momentum and feedback.

Dedicate a Study Space – Find a place free of distractions, whether it be at home or in a public location, where productivity can be maximized and interruptions are minimal.

Purposeful Technology Use – Our modern technology is here to stay, however we do not need to be a slave to our devices. Using technology in a purposeful way to help task achievement is a huge improvement from mindless scrolling or game playing, especially during dedicated study time.



Nature Time – In our fast paced, tech driven world, kids need more breaks to connect with the outside world. Nature time increases serotonin and vitamin D levels, improves vision, increases attention span, supports creative play / imagination, and contributes to strong social skills.

Set a Schedule – Studying and completing assignments aren’t fun, but cramming and forcing long hours of work at the last minute will only make things worse. Dividing the work into consistent, manageable chunks will ease the burden of schoolwork and reduce stress.


Value the Process – When energy and attention is spent focusing on the process rather than simply the goal or end results, learning comes easier, happiness increases and the results are generally better overall. Being present in the moment allows for greater focus and leads to more thoughtful, creative and high quality work or study.