Anatomical Models

Chiropractic anatomical models make the perfect centerpiece to your patient education strategy. Your patients will achieve a deeper understanding of how the spine and nervous system works when these anatomy models are used regularly in your practice. We feature an array of skeletal and cranial anatomical models for you to choose from.

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  • Cervical Spine Anatomical...
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    Cervical Spine Anatomical Model **SOLD OUT**

    This life-size cervical spine anatomical model features the 7 cervical vertebrae with occiput, spinal cord, spinal nerves and vertebral arteries, for easy and accurate studying and/or patient education. The model measures 20cm high and comes with a stand for easy demonstration purposes.

  • Flexible Multi-Colored...
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    Flexible Multi-Colored Spine Anatomical Model **SOLD OUT**

    This flexible multi-colored spine model is a scaled version of a full spine and includes the occiput, spinal column, pelvis and femurs, along with spinal nerves and vertebral arteries. The 4 regions of the spine are separated by different colors for easy identification of spinal levels. The spine measures 46cm high and comes with a stand and hook for easy display in your practice. The spine is flexible and fully articulates, allowing for accurate demonstration of spinal movement.

  • Infant Skull Anatomical...
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    Infant Skull Anatomical Model **SOLD OUT**

    The life-size infant skull anatomical model is perfect for demonstrating the ossification process, as the fontanelles and sutures are clearly shown. This fetal skull model measures 13cm x 10cm x 9cm and features an articulating mandible.
  • Lumbar Spine Anatomical...
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    Lumbar Spine Anatomical Model **SOLD OUT**

    This life-size lumbar spine anatomical model features the 5 lumbar vertebrae with sacrum, coccyx, spinal cord and spinal nerves, along with a herniated disc at the L3/L4 level. The model measures 32cm high and comes with a stand for easy demonstration purposes.
  • Lumbar Spine Disc Herniation Anatomical Model

    This life-size lumbar spine disc herniation anatomical model consists of two vertebrae with a flexible disc, spinal cord and nerve roots. When the model is compressed the disc protrudes posterior and lateral into the nerve roots, accurately demonstrating the mechanism of most lumbar spine disc herniations. This model is the perfect teaching tool when speaking to patients about preventing or managing disc herniations. 

  • Stages of Spinal Degeneration Anatomical Model

    This anatomical model displays the stages of spinal degeneration and includes 4 different sets of vertebrae (Normal, Herniated Disc, Bone / Disc Degeneration and Advanced Osteoporosis). These vertebrae cover a wide range of clinical presentations and are applicable teaching tools for every patient in your practice. Model comes with stand and durable, laminated display backing card. Entire model measures 15cm x 27cm x 9cm and features life-size vertebrae.