Meet Dr. Chad

Chad Mykietiuk, DC

Co-Founder and Chief Production Officer, Wellness Media

A practicing chiropractor (CMCC 2008) and co-founder of his own practice, Dr. Chad quickly became aware that relentless education of his community was not only a key factor in the success of his practice, but a key factor in the health of his community. 
Dr. Chad’s genuine enthusiasm for chiropractic and overall wellness is evident in his honest and up-front education style, which he incorporates into the content for Wellness Media. His goal is to cut down barriers and stimulate positive change when it comes to healthcare choices. Dr. Chad focuses on healthcare philosophy a lot in his teaching, since it is the backbone of living a wellness lifestyle.  He believes that achieving true wellness can only happen through a multi-faceted approach – consisting of exercise, nutrition, mental health, a proper healthcare support team and a clearly defined healthcare philosophy. 

Dr. Chad is married to the most lovely woman in the world, his chiropractic sweetheart Dr. Megan. Together they have four beautiful children and a loyal puppy, in a home filled with love. 


Meet Darren

Darren Hubley
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Wellness Media

Darren's growing passion for living a wellness lifestyle is quickly catching up to his passion for inspiring creativity, creating a powerful combination for the chiropractic profession.  In his 15+ year career as a graphic designer and photographer, Darren has seen it all, from working with entrepreneurs and independent local business owners to producing massive campaigns for national brands.  His ability to produce eye-catching, thought provoking images and designs is unmatched, and is a premium asset to have in the corner of chiropractic.  Darren brings an element of professionalism and quality control to Wellness Media, ensuring that the messages conveyed to chiropractic patients properly represent the high standards and level of service set by chiropractors in their own offices.

Darren is married and the proud father of four amazing children.  Inspired by the changes he has made (and continues to make) in his own life, his family has adopted a wellness lifestyle and are all chiropractic patients for life.


The idea for Wellness Media developed from Dr. Chad's clinical observations in his own practice, combined with Darren's ever-growing passion for wellness education.  Their observations revealed that although there is a wealth of healthcare knowledge easily available today through the internet and other media, patients still require proper interpretation and advice from a professional in order to make an informed choice. Lack of information (or incorrect information!) can keep critical healthcare decisions from happening and eventually effect overall wellness and quality of life.  In addition, the owners realized that if chiropractors are going to continue to be the leaders in wellness education, their support materials must be congruent with the concepts and topics they are conveying to patients.

The materials produced by Wellness Media have a clean and professional design, combined with relevant, easy to consume content focused both on wellness topics and chiropractic specific topics.  Wellness Media is committed to supporting the growth of chiropractic and will continue to provide up-to-date, relevant and professional support materials and methods of delivery for chiropractors committed to educating their communities.