The Complete Brain and Body Cycle Poster (2)

The Complete Brain and Body Cycle Poster (2)

This 18" x 24" chiropractic poster features the classic "safety pin" cycle; a simple yet profound method of describing the flow of communication between the brain and body through the nervous system. 

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The Complete Brain & Body Cycle

The human body is designed to be healthy. The primary system in the body which coordinates health and function is the nervous system. The nervous system requires a free flow of communication between brain and body for optimal function and health. Much like a safety pin, the entire complete cycle is required for proper function. 

The nervous system relays messages between the brain and body. 

Adjusted / Connected - Alignment / Communication / Natural / Function / Ease

Subluxated / Disconnected - Mis-alignment / Mis-communication / Un-natural / Mal-function / Dis-ease