Chiropractic and the 4th Trimester Poster (2)

Chiropractic and the 4th Trimester Poster (2)

This 12" x 18" or 18" x 24" chiropractic poster discusses many of the key benefits women can expect to receive when under regular chiropractic care during the immediate postpartum period, known as the 4th trimester. 

Also available in 24” x 36” (custom size option printed on demand, please allow an additional 2 business day processing time for your order).


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Poster Text:

 Chiropractic and the 4th Trimester

Women under the care of a chiropractor during the 4th trimester may expect:
- Less neck, back and pelvic pain
- Quicker recovery time from labor and delivery
- Restoring proper spinal and pelvic biomechanics
- Postural and ergonomic advice
- Reduced need for pain medication
- More comfort while breastfeeding
- Greater production of breast milk
- Less incidence of postpartum depression
- Referrals to other healthcare providers to assist in postpartum recovery