Sitting is the New Smoking Chiropractic Poster

Sitting is the New Smoking Chiropractic Poster

This 18" x 24" chiropractic poster draws attention to the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting, by showing specific data on how various body functions are negatively impacted. Callouts to get adjusted and get moving are also included to get patients thinking about solutions to their sedentary lifestyle. 

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Poster Text:

Detrimental Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Cardiovascular: ↑heart rate,  ↓ cardiac output, capacity for exercise                         
Muscular:  ↑
muscle fatigue, muscle strength, muscle mass
Skeletal:   ↓
bone density, tendon stiffness, risk of tendon injury
Metabolism: ↓
oxygen uptake  ↑ insulin resistance, blood pressure, blood sugar, risk of diabetes and heart disease, risk of cancer
Mental:  ↑chance of mental disorder, self-esteem,  ↓ body satisfaction (especially in kids)

Begin Reversing the Effects Today!

  1. Get Adjusted!  Correcting spinal dysfunction regularly with chiropractic adjustments floods the brain with positive feedback and breaks the cycle of postural adaptations, chronic inflammation and release of stress hormones.
  2. Get Moving!  Limiting sitting to less than 3 hours each day can immediately increase life expectancy! You’ll also feel more energy and be more motivated to adopt other healthy lifestyle choices.